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The Process 

Membership is by invitation only and is category exclusive. 

If you’re ready to take business networking to the next level, CEA could be right for you.

CEA does not try to be all things to all businesses.  Over the years, we have learned how to put together a vibrant, business-oriented group of top executives who look out for each other and look for opportunities for one another.

What you should know about joining CEA:

  • Membership is by invitation only:
    To visit one of our meetings and be considered, you must be referred by a current CEA member.

  • One firm within a business or professional classification:
    If accepted, your business will be the only business within your category at CEA. This exclusive approach allows us to limit competition between members and allows you to make the most of your membership.

  • Submitting your application:
    If, after attending 1-2 CEA meetings as a guest of the referring member, you wish to join CEA, you will be asked to complete an application and submit a membership fee and background check fee.  If your application is not approved, the membership fee will be refunded.

  • Protecting our members:
    If you’re our kind of business, you will appreciate that as part of the application, we run a background check on the business of any prospective member.  This helps ensure that we maintain the atmosphere we have worked so hard to build.


What you should know once you’re part of CEA:

  • Attendance at weekly meetings:
    Attend as the owner, key leader or decision-maker, or send a CEA-approved alternate member from your business to attend the weekly breakfasts, which are held at the Fort Worth Club in downtown Fort Worth at 7:00am on Thursdays. The primary member is expected to attend 75% of the time.

  • Dues:
    Once approved, you will be expected to pay monthly dues at $140 per month, payable by recurring credit card charge or monthly ACH transfer.

Visitor Request 
Please note that visitation requires a formal invitation by a member and approval by the Board 

Thanks for submitting! A member will reach out to you soon.

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